Mark Ibold Rumors: Uncut

Mark Ibold‘s new psych band “Cam’Ron’s Foreskin” may be playing this weekend at the Kitchen, matinee show before the Fawn Kreiger/Wynne Greenwood installation performance. Also, they are new, but because of Mark’s vision and penance in some sort of underground famousish bands through the years, someone told C’n’P that Cam’Ron’s Foreskin might be going on US tour with The Gossip and Eddie Izzard in early 2007, and it’s gonna be fucking awesome.

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3 Responses to Mark Ibold Rumors: Uncut

  1. jck says:

    i think naming your band after another person’s body part is bad/wrong not ironic

  2. james Davis says:

    Mark ibold is hero, and i will stand by him even though his band name is slightly crazy

  3. paul farrell says:

    Is the band as good as pavement

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