pema chodron and taking stock

i would like to give thx my friends and all people who hold jshep & co close to their hearts, or even those don’t but who live their lives with love and spirit, and holler a heaping womanpile of “eat mes” to the done-me-wrongs 1976-2005: you are toejam. don’t call me crying until after the playoffs!
p.s. also, if you are in Sa-Ra Creative Partners, please email Thank you!

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2 Responses to pema chodron and taking stock

  1. ritchey says:

    count me in, fancy lady. count me as a BIG SUPPORTER.

  2. Tomas Palermo says:

    You should be able to get at SA-RA via or
    But if you like SR–do check out your Brooklyn neighbors Platinum Pied Pipers–they real cool.

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