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My love for the Urban Honking massive is endless, nameless like Zeus–not crazy like that Linda Blair of a Pope. They are, after all, the posse that brought us Miranda July’s blog and The Ultimate Blogger, America’s first reality blog (predated by that reality article series about high-school ladies in Elle Girl, but only slightly)–WITH A $500 PRIZE PACKAGE~ sign up to compete now. Y’all think you love blogging, but I promise you don’t love blogging like these kids do.
And, after 10 months of other-bizzzness and half-hearted attempts to unscramble that labyrinthe of a mac account, Faculty Lounge, Jessica’s and my long-awaited mp3 blog, WILL DEBUT A WEEK FROM TODAY! FOR REALS!
It may not look fancy… but teachers don’t got to floss.

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  1. mp3 blog?.. you must hook those of us desprate folks up with the supa crunk mix.

  2. buDRek’s PuooooooooooooooolL””””””

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  4. solange says:

    nating because nating

  5. ana maria says:

    ana maria quiero decirte que te quiero mucho

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