pharrell cooking at fahrenheit 452

yeah but according to the production notes, for Missy’s “on and on”, Neptunes have sampled Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick “The Show,” which may be wrong. as far as i can tell it slips a transparency over the beat and maybe flips the synth. Inspector Gadget so creepy, like “BEWARE,” and then “BOING BOING, BOING BOING”
In the final verse, Missy says something about the “batty boy”–I’ve listened to it ninety times and can’t decipher what she is SAYING about the batty boy–yay or nay?–and the content basically hinges the direction of my aesthetic relationship w/her music. Please help. If you can figure it out you get a prize.

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  1. rollie says:

    she says ‘when it comes to other rappers, batty bwoy get decked’
    i think?

  2. The Doug/Rick songwriting credit is for Pharrell heaving out “uh-uh-ON, uh-uh-ON” in the chorus
    (as in “six minutes, six minutes, Doug E. Fresh yr on, uh-uh-ON, uh-uh-ON)
    Can’t help you with the batty-ness, tho.

  3. The Doug/Rick production credits come from Pharrell heaving out “uh-uh-ON, uh-uh-ON” in the chorus.
    (as in “six minutes, six minutes, six minutes Doug E. Fresh yr on… uh-uh-ON, uh-uh-ON)
    Can’t help w/ the batty-ness mystery tho.

  4. Sorry about the multiple posts. My Luddite ass is still getting the hang of this whole blogging thing.

  5. jshepination says:

    yeah but i don’t think that’d necessitate a sample credit–i think we figured it out in the car last night, that it’s a sample of the beat turned way way down underneath the synths and not actually necessary–
    welcome to the blogiverse! hi!

  6. jshepination says:

    also cause there’s a another track on which she references “batty boy”–also unsure what, exactly, she’s saying about it.

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