oooh this love is so

I am fully aware of my desire, some say questionable, to bathe in new jack basics, i.e. seven-layer effects and slow jams 23-6–but I think Amerie and Al B. Sure are the same person, or serving the same purpose in their respective time zones, or at least girl’s “Falling Down My Face” has the same chord progression as Sure’s “Off On Your Own (Girl),” anyway. In Effect Mode was practically a shoegazer album for its amniotic production qualities, and Touch ain’t, but Kyle West and Rich Harrison both like wearing baubles and counter-rhythm in their beat-making hats. Thank you for the dense production, minimalism is so passe, right now I wanna look up into a song and see some junk and clutter. (Or I just want to hear Ciara–Touch can’t touch C’s right-now single “Oh,” but then songs about rolling low on cars like sharks are finally the pop zeitgeist, so oh well.)

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2 Responses to oooh this love is so

  1. jck says:

    i can’t figure out how to like that song by Ciara

  2. amy linden says:

    you dont figure out how to like songs. you just do, or dont. all this over thinking sheesh!

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