believing my own hype

just filmed segment for culture documentary, where I’m in Jarmusch-type conversation with very awesome internet reporter who I don’t think I’m allowed to name. offered writerly commentary on music, the internet and politics. found myself mid-conversation explaining “hip-hop culture” and… yes… defining the four elements. unfortunately did not have copy of Can’t Stop Won’t Stop on hand. but thanks for asking. AND: uprocked on-cam while sound guy, lacking stereo, beatboxed. no shit. (Joe Schloss… erm, lean back?)
since the thing i have found i no longer possess a sense of shame. Speaking of which: the Scriabin ex in question would like to clarify to all ex-girlfriends everywhere that he has never played that Scriabin symphony for anybody… he “doesn’t even know what a poem is.” obviously, we should get back together.
Ashanti must be owing some serious back-taxes. And yes, I am watching it now: LIVE BLOGGING THE MUPPETS WIZARD OF OZ. WHAT?! It’s a disaster–an American Idol metaphor for a young trailer park Kansan who wants to go big-time singing-career, with constant, kinda-obtuse inside-jokes about Hollywood, the velvet rope, and authenticity in pop music… and for a kid’s movie, that was certainly a gratuituous and rather unsettling violent dismemberment of Kermit the Frog, now wasn’t it. TV violence in wartime is like whatevs–Tarantino plays himself in this thing, after all–but even where Kill Bill cast lady-murderers inna apres-Shampoo “girl power” stylee, Muppets are still lugging around those heavy ’70s gender imperatives (except maybe for Janice, the Kim Gordon of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem). I think Miss Piggy needs to get fat-rights on Jim Henson’s dead ass. (RIP.)
Ashanti hasn’t done a song yet. Based on the look on her face as she interacts with a riot of three-foot-tall foam rubber pigs in leather bustiers and bad extensions, I’m guessing that as the camera rolled, she was plotting revenge on Irv Gotti and creatively visualizing her paycheck. If it gets real bad maybe her co-star Queen Latifah can get her a contract with Cover Girl.

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  1. If you read Miss Piggy as a drag queen it gets easier.

  2. wayneandwax says:

    incidentally, joe schloss is uprocking in blog form now:
    watch the elbows!

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