listening session beef

Here is another reason listening sessions are the katie holmes’ foot of album appreciation: because if the record you’re reviewing isn’t actually finished when you hear it, three months in advance to comply with standard-issue mag deadlines, you do not actually write in your review that it includes a track with MIA, because IT HASN’T HAPPENED YET. You are not a time traveler, and the apology fax does not make up for it, even if the artist does have nice handwriting. The bdnkulus cutie-pie running the sound board does not make up for it. It’s just like, “oh mike jones is supposed to be on this one. pretend you hear mike jones, okay? here is a sandwich.” and on and on and on and on.

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3 Responses to listening session beef

  1. tom b. says:

    I would think it’d be pretty easy to pretend you hear Mike Jones. I mean, couldn’t you just make up your own Mike Jones verse? Couldn’t you impersonate him pretty accurately for 16 bars? MIA less so.

  2. Chris says:

    Marques Houston…he’s not on the hook yet, but he will be. AND HE’S GONNA SING THE SHIT OUT OF IT. Remember that when you write it up!

  3. julianne says:

    Not since he is on aN entirely different beat! I AM MIKE JONES– FROM THE CUTTING ROOM FLR.
    Marques Houston’s verse was okay–but that Ray-J, Omarion, Usher hands across america SFJ/green lantern remix on the mixtape was MY SHITE.

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