Connie Wohn, 100% platinum, finally launched her DJ booking co. Stylus 503; she books Shayla, DJ Rev Shines (LIfesavas/Misfit Massive), DJ Anjali and the Incredible Kid (bhangra superstars) and Chris Funk (yes from decemberists–bet you didnt know he could rip it on decks, didja?) AND MORE. You should go to her website because it looks terrific and also, Connie is the number one of your number one. You maybe haven’t met her yet but you will.

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  1. hason says:

    thanks so much julianne, though I think the link is bad, just go to http://www.stylus503.com to see the full spectrum.

  2. matt says:

    ha i just posted this too! great minds think alike. big ups 503!

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