at the end there is a prize you don’t recognize

Barring sleet/fire/snow/last-minute meetings i must take–warning: there is a 97% chance of one these things occurring–I will in fact be reading and performing a new feminist time-based piece on the two tiniest-town dates of the Al Burian/ Jessica Hopper summer reading tour.
Pride Up Head Down is a semi-autobiographical dance/reading performance about isolation, fistfighting, real-life heartbreak, real-life murder/suicide, the circular battlefield of redemption as attainable idea, using yr bloody nubby finger stubs to climb the fuck out of a mental sewage plant, early 20th century Mexican immigration and America’s iron-fisted assimilation tactic of cultural shame, bad education and disinformation, sitting in a gutter, and re-imagining an ending where everyone wins. Okay I will uprock!
July 19th: Providence, RI @ Dirt Palace Feminist Art Space – 7:30 pm
July 20th: Easthampton, MA – Flywheel Community Arts – 8 pm (2 Holyoke St)
w/ Sara Jaffe
I have never been to providence but it is my sixth or seventh favorite song on “daydream nation” (“eliminator jr” is the first). i have never been to easthampton but have spent a great deal of time in northampton and amherst, which i imagine share similar terrain. i hope i can come see you!

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  1. yer roommate says:

    eathampton is kinda weird/cool.
    surprising small town provincial factory working thing going on. yet smack in middle is flywheel, which desite seeming kinda like your friend’s parent’s basement has some of the best shows and readings in the area.
    where you told me to go see traci and the plastics, ps, about 5 years ago.

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