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Jona is posting flickr photos of his European tour with Luckey Dragons, Devendra Banhart, Electrelane (a band which features HIT IT OR QUIT IT #18 contributor MIA CLARKE), C*** Ros**, Sonic Youth, Joanna Newsom, Wolf Eyes and other of America’s modern-day Jodorowsky ensemble cast, including Rahzel (the human beatbox and sixth or seventh wonder of the world–seen here posing with Jona, who is WEARING ORANGE PLASTIC WAYFARERS AND A CROCHETED FAKE BEARD). It is idyllic like you are there, getting wide-angle perspectives on cartoony Eurocandy and store signs in slightly non sequitur English (I understand the impulse, papi chulo, I named my blog after a thrift store in Berlin). Also here peep Jona trying to “act normal… act normal” while posing with Shirley Manson of Garbage. Ha! Ha! And you get to see Devendra driving a boat and wearing NO SHIRT but TONS OF EYELINER.
PS. That last photo reminds me of this great artist I used to date who got purposely bad tattoos as a living performance art. As I recall, he had a misproportioned tattoo of Texas on his chest, a heart with a misspelled word (sorry, I can’t remember what it said, something like “MOM FORVER”), an india ink-and-needle (aka “prison”) tattoo on his knuckles that said something like “KOBRA,” some awful line drawing of like, a UFO dropping bombs up and down his arm, and like, a crucifix on his palm. It was terrific and made me laugh although it was also very lonely act–He presented it as a series of permanent visual body gags, but anyone unaware of his intention to art/humor would react with the same pity or sympathy they’d reserve for you know, a three-legged chihuahua.
Anyway here is the video for the song Jona said was a Dutch summer jam, the song “Watskeburt?!” by De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, who are deemed on the site as “Hiphoppers uit Amsterdam,” but is more like three dudes chatting while driving a Techno Mini. Note “fa shizzle” lyric in first verse (woo American pop culture global export woo) and what sounds like the wobbly bending of dutch to approximate new yorky/ eminem-ish accent, or rather something in between. The beat is kinda fresh but the language barrier is bumming me out. Why the FUCK dont’ I know Dutch?!

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  1. bencareful says:

    omfg… spent some time in amsterdam recently and heard/saw the video for Watskeburt about a bajillion times. actually FOUND the Watskeburt tag from the video in an alley. we went to this club and they played it TWICE. Our dutch host couldn’t stop laughing during the video, but when prodded as to WHY it was actually funny, he had a lot of trouble explaining… apparently the slanguage they are rocking is like some sort of hilarious blend of dutch preppy frat-boy speak and dutch-moroccan “gangsta” speak. again… supposedly really funny. i guess they are just a bunch of art-school dudes and the fact that it has become a huge hit is totally out of left-field.
    sorry to gush but it’s exciting to hear about it somewhere else.

  2. giuliano says:

    watsketburt is fucking awsome but i cant get the html code so i can put it on my myspace. does anyone know what it is, olease email me at if someone knows

  3. ANdres says:

    Why dont u post the html code if u get it… i’ve been looking for that song here since June….and no luck

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