shake it baby, come on scream

two-time DJ partner/longtime homie/purveyor of “double barrelled soul” dance partays Chazz Madrigal has started an audioblogDOME with his extensive collection of SOUL FORTY FIVES, AND MORE. (hey i never knew!)
Found a 1963 copy of One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich on the subway ystrdy w/Solzhenitsyn’s fine, brave “letter to the congress of soviet writers,” beseeching the council to stop willingly censoring/silencing authors, and authors to stop altering their own texts simply in the interest of, well, not getting sent to the gulag and/or “disappearing.” Stellar example of the shit that happens in a closed society.
Also ingesting Sonic Youth’s Dirty yesterday for research, for the first time in 9000 years. last night Sasha said no, it’s not the sonic youth he knew and hated it when it came out, but it was the first one i got my hands on, out there in ’92, out in the sticks, at a sam goody or something in a mall, DGC mass distro thank you very much (I got dirty before goo, to be sure) so I loved it. fuck i still love it “and i know… there’s something down there, sugar soul” and the beefy riff on “drunken butterfly” weighs 90-11 lbs, like my fave song ever by SY, “ELIMINATOR JR” (from daydream nation) swaggers and hits 120 mph on the ugly grit stick shift.
It came out over a decade ago, but Dirty: STILL RELEVANT! Kim Gordon sings about abortion (/domestic violence/ revenge killing) (“shoot”), anita hill sex harrassment & naked model-magazines (“swimsuit issue”) and the winner of the “IS 2005 1991?” award, “Youth Against Fascism,” with Thurston’s gag-reflex lyrics: “yeah the president sucks, he’s a war pig fuck” and the immortal “black robe in swill/i believe anita hill/ that judge’ll rot in hell.” HOLA COMO ESTA. but “placating” language like “special character” (NY Times pg A21, paragraph 2) and “damage control,” (NY Times pg A19, final paragraph) no placebo for teenage riot, teenage riot que tal?

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  1. chazz says:

    well you now you know. thanks for the ups lady.

  2. yer roommate says:

    oh man the video to 100%, the skaters…man oh man that was like as real as i thought it got back then. can you forgive the boy who shot you in the head…

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