give becky smith a job alert

OMFG, if you are in the ST LOUIS MO area, please give Becky Smith, superstar of the next issue of Hit it Or Quit It, a job. She is funny and skeptical, but not necessarily cynical, and can write like a hurricane, and lives amazing lives and goes to pro-choice activism workshops. Those are her job qualifications, or at least the ones I know about. Give her a job writing at Ms. magazine.
And in case you didn’t think this was another non-subtle embedded advertisement for HIT IT OR QUIT IT ISSUE 18: “MEN IN ROCK”–COMING VERY SOON! PREORDER HERE. The fruits of 5 am power-editing phone-conferencing between jessica, miles, j.r. and I, finally realized, inside is starring Becky’s supersharp review wildstyles, Matos’ probing, book-length Hold Steady Q&A, jessica’s miranda july interview, Cali “LA scene report” Dewitt, Amy Phillips and Cody Critcheloe of the SSION: in conversation, Jon “fuck a blog i’m out in the streets(/craigslist)” Caramanica’s amazing “Bedtime Stories with MOP” interview, Mia Clarke on “the posthumous queer mystique of dusty springfield,” Talib’s G-Unit MANifesto, Sean G.O.A.T. Fennessey writing an essay on technotronic’s Ya Kid K that broke my tender mind wide open and also some Fennessey Stones Throw NOW AGAIN reissuery Q&A = bigtime boners for funk fans, crate diggers, historians, and waxpoetics crowd, Britt Barton-Lindsay of equitable servitude fame
and the funniest reviews section ever including:
JR’s reviews “AS LOU RAWLS,” Jessica’s reviews “AS GEORGE PLIMPTON,” Miles’ reviews “AS HIMSELF” and… did I actually write anything in this issue?… I reviewed Guns n’ Roses Use Yr Illusion I & II, wrote tandem readings of Lil Wayne Gangsta Grizzilles vs. Destiny’s Child Destiny Fulfilled, and
Not to floss, but yo, Hit it Or Quit It is totally the best/deepest/funnest to read music magazine in america (and america’s only explicitly feminist music magazine (inclusive of men and hip-hop)). I guarantee we had more fun making it than pretty much anyone has ever had making a magazine, basically ever. I cannot fucking wait until it gets back from the printer, I JUST WANT TO TOUCH IT!
HOLY CRAP also on Becky Smith’s cool friends who do things like Different Kind of Dude Fest.

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3 Responses to give becky smith a job alert

  1. becky smtih says:

    dude! thanks! if i get a job out of this post, i will send you a fruit basket and some of common’s eyelashes!

  2. bouge says:

    how is that bouge de la rouge? he funny shit

  3. Eldrick. says:

    I thought her blog was rubbish.

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