manic town pop. me

The unsteady ramp from “’80s nuclear paranoia” to “Clintonian ‘new covenant'” is totally my shit right now. It is my shit in song form. It is my shit in real time. It is so my shit, in fact, that I have maybe become marginally insane. So 12,000 words at 18-pt type “times new roman” double spaced gets you going to about 68 pages in MS word. And it feels like a lot if you even shoot for half and push. I feel fucking awesome, exhausted, elated (and also marginally insane). What year is it? Marisa called midway through 1992 (my 1992, the 1992 in my living room, my mind) and told me she is giving me a Warren G greatest hits mix that she made. Marisa is totally the best and the coolest.
Emerged from fourth (sixth? eighth) day of str8 16-hr writing cocoon, and broke into the city cause I needed life. Loping up b’way at 10th, looking, musing, WHEN I RANDOMLY RUN INTO—MY CASCADIAN COMRADE DAVID CHANDLER, the man, the myth who i have not seen FOR ONE WHOLE YEAR. he is here playing live contact drums with SF vintage-machine technorati eats tapes (a dance party you should get with) and DJing, and before i know it it’s 2 am, he and Julie and I are closing down Techno Sushi (I thought it appropriate), the kpt.michigan cover of the smiths’ “there is a light that never goes out” is playing, we are talking beats and the night is temperate and it is also serendipitous.
I forgot to tell you that I happened to catch a preview of the new Reverend Run video for “Mind on the Run,” wherein a skyscraper-sized Reverend Run stalks the streets of NYC carrying a chihuahua and at one point lets the dog run free while he waves to a little girl wearing a sharpied Joan Jett t-shirt. this is because the song, presumably produced by [rick rubin rick rubin rick rubin], samples “I love rock n’ roll,” and RUN IS STRAIGHT SPITTING into the camera, all hungry-like. it is all very ok against the comeback odds. plus there is some Russell workaholic subtext.
my l.a. people say it is on the radio there but i am too exhausted to google it beyond this Russell label update thing, sorry.

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  1. Roque says:

    Oh man I lived right around that corner.
    And 16 hours? That’s inspiring: if I can go for, like, 6 tonight, coffeeless, I’ll be pretty impressed with myself.

  2. matt says:

    regulators = so good. that “there is a light” remix is by schneider tm not kpt michigan i think – and it’s fucking awesome! i hear that new solenoid shit on orac is dancetastic and good. you are repping radness!

  3. brian says:

    that smith cover is by them both…
    hi julianne.

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