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a case for specificity (and flying peace babies)

crap, dudes, i meant “overwhelming morning… of news in the paper,” but GRACIAS for the concern, faith evans mp3s (“what it dew, baby boo?” wonders snoop–who always gets so tender when he’s spending time with r&b ladies), and general outpouring … Continue reading

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magical / realism

Overwhelming morning. Fixing on the singular to grasp the scope of it. Hence, the heart of our beloved Joan Didion. Read in silence, hold tight.

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his girl crystal, she’s shootin_star_99

alex procured paul wall’s “i got the internet goin nutz” just now, it is on this mixtape, ‘case you didn’t know. [(i’d hook you up but my internet uploadin’ skills are broke. sorry if i’m not upholding my end of … Continue reading

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women didn’t get the vote by voting

this is how we do… the 19th amendment. on the 85th anniversary of women’s right to vote. today. someday i will tell you about growing up in “the equality state,” the first state to give women the vote, and how … Continue reading

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speaking in tongues

i can tell eben has been in europe because currently his iTunes is playing Ilona Mitrecey, age:11 ans, whose video consists of animated cows, bumblebees and crocodiles. my francais stops being decent at about 5 or 6 ans, barely progressing … Continue reading

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When Phyllis Schafly–a woman who’s most notorious for bringing down a lil’ somethin something called “THE EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT!!”– balks at your anti-woman stance, it might be time to cash in yr chips and say buenos noches, maria. I would … Continue reading

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hello from cabana town

this will be rushed cause i’m in transition and cannot concentrate for more than 3 minutes, but i’ve just so much to say: hola from la cabana caliente, or rather, the place in hell’s kitchen where connie “mfing” wohn and … Continue reading

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how did we sleep on this ian svenonius article, about rock bands/rockism as a vestige of our economy? “Just as the rock group has been the most successful exponent of imperialism and capitalism overseas, it is also a key figure … Continue reading

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je suis sur la blast!

there are things bout the girl you don’t know she’s been doin, these are the things that yr girl’s been doin look. lemme kick it to you like this: feminist readings of feminist music + 7 million PEOPLE! = hola, … Continue reading

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master chef, lord of the kitchen cupboard

Amount of time Chris R. and I spent parsing and/or tearing up at the thought of the “go crazy remix” by young jeezy, jay-z and fat joe aka the summer jam we’ve all been waiting for: entire train ride home … Continue reading

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