je suis sur la blast!

there are things bout the girl you don’t know she’s been doin, these are the things that yr girl’s been doin
look. lemme kick it to you like this: feminist readings of feminist music + 7 million PEOPLE! = hola, COMO ESTAS?!! still not as cool as jazzbo, but you know, as far as taking pride in the shit i put down, feel like big tyming it ok.
shayla posts visual updates on the beardness/not-beardishness of lil chiptronica du ENSEMBLE, BROKAW.
coming soon, if not now: ‘best of chamillionaire” factsheet; the discreet charm of chamillionaire’s dis “you can 106 and park… on my dick.” also, a rant about new baby-jessica-style frontpager, this accutane zeitgeist, and how it harms women (plus they put ladies on depo provera and neglect to tell us that depo provera also compounds yr suicidal mindcryme), AND–further development on the HIT IT OR QUIT IT staff motto:
“kick out the journalisms, motherfucker!”
oh AND
realtime missives from the hell’s kitchen cabana house, where i will fully be lamping with a pan flute.
oh oh AND
happy goddamn birthday to the warscribe. (the warscribe shall be invoicing you shortly.)

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4 Responses to je suis sur la blast!

  1. chazz says:

    are you esp nonsensical today or am i just really out of it?

  2. julianne says:

    i wrote this post while moving, drunk, vibing on the sedona method of borderline buddhist meditation and also smashing up sugar candy and snorting it–if you get the sour kind it’s kind of like wasabi.

  3. chazz says:

    it is things like this which leave a julianne shaped burn on my mind. xo.

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