hello from cabana town

this will be rushed cause i’m in transition and cannot concentrate for more than 3 minutes, but i’ve just so much to say:
hola from la cabana caliente, or rather, the place in hell’s kitchen where connie “mfing” wohn and i hang our hats for temporary. the hat is a kangol. we are inventing slang (“bounce” has become “be-younc’e,” gigante has become “gigounc’e”–all variations on “beyonce’d” aka “crazy in love” as in ” i saw ari from entourage in soho yesterday and i was straight beyonce’d!”). we are making moves. we are generally tearing up midtown and stretching on the green.
THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN JOGGING IN CENTRAL PARK VS. JOGGING IN PROSPECT PARK: more celebrity jogger sightings. well, at least i think so.. when you’re running past one another in opposite directions, it’s tough to discern if the dude with the hot pink painters’ cap and khaki running shorts is in FACT kevin bacon, or is merely kevin bacon IN THEORY. There are many IN THEORY celebrities in Central Park. In prospect park, the only celebrity i have a mild chance of running into is kris ex. Also, I miss my jogging friends from prospect park–the guy who jogs in a dashiki top in 990 degree humidity and yet laps me like seven times, each time his casual hellos breath intact; the other dude who yells at me to keep pushing, which i reluctantly appreciate; the two preteen kids who rollerblade holding hands almost every day at 2 pm and spit water on each other. I miss these people, and I am glad i do not live in manhattan permanently. brooklyn, i adore you.
marisa says jogging is a bourgie sport, even though my argument = it does not actually require any money for equipment. i am of the opinion that marisa is associating jogging with the bret easton ellis ’80s, and that because it is basically free it should be revitalized/RE-ENVISIONED as a populist exercise. do you agree?
* ruvan‘s photoshow plus the Nigerian hip-hop show–where i got to meet Oke‘s mom, a crazy amazing woman who used to work for evil world money-lenders –THEE evil world money-lenders — and quit to move back to nigeria and become a director of national finance/fighter of corruption. woman is fierce.
* designer dude who is silkscreening old guerilla faction / terrorist logos on his new shit–the SLA, the baader-meinhof, no weather underground cause “their logo sucked”–he was sensitive to its history and pertinence, could throw down on patriot act minutiae, but i am hardcore bumming on stamping that shit on haute couture for mucho dollares without context.
* rock & roll camp for girls written up by a woman who is simultaneously one of my favorite people and writers, lady MIZ Laura Sinagra.
*in the most amazing twist–connie and i, in the cab ride home at 5 am, we start talking to our cab driver, who tells us he is only in the states for awhile while he settles a lawsuit. that he’s actually been living in china, a censored writer whose books deal with the anthropological and social origins of class struggle. he tells us if we go to this certain post office on the upper east side, ask for the peruvian lady named sylvia, she will give us a copy of his book. the censored one. then he’s like, “i’ll turn off the meter if you let me stop at the gas station and get some coffee.” so we’re totally fascinated by the guy–he sounds crazy in blogform, but we’re savvy girls and not sketched out–his story is actually convincing…. so whatever, we go with him to the BP, meet the lady who works there–maricella–who our cab man knows well, then end up hanging out with him for like an hour, fare free, while he tells about living in china and teaching english and meeting his wife. despite the fact that he wouldn’t answer certain of my questions–you know, “are you talking about mysticism, or are you offering hard anthropological evidence?”–my bullshit-o-meter was at a low rating. he believed himself, and it counted. mostly, i was just pumped we were kicking it with our cab driver at the gas station at like 5:30 in the morning: felt special and wild.
I am going to the post office on the upper east side to see if sylvia and the book exist, and will let you know how the story ends.

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  1. Roque says:

    YES: pls. let’s we return jogging to the proles. Midtown jogging, though … *maybe* that’s a little bourgie.

  2. jck says:

    jogging yes, no money required, spontanoues, group-friendly, go at your own pass, no inherent goal to set beyond the person’s own decision, no fixed competition where a materialist prize is at stage. related, the ideal body weight for a 5’10 man is around 110 lbs i think. thats how much space we can take up without being “unhealthy”. not that there is anything wrong with being more than that
    but permission to not be a bulky he-man is most welcome

  3. Will says:

    Wait, so you made the haij in reverse (medina to mecca)??
    Hell’s kitchen, eh?

  4. yak sox says:

    I agree re jogging. I just wear me cons. I bought some shorts, but hey! they’re just shorts.

  5. julianne says:

    ok is it bourgie if i am couch surfing? also p.s. i have to take back what i said about central park–totally discovered the central park dance skaters on sunday, danced with them in the middle of my jog, and got invited to a party–that has not yet happened in prospect park.

  6. jck says:

    i’m a model minority so i want to be correct, but wasn’t it medina to mecca the first time?

  7. Will says:

    wasn’t it medina to mecca the first time?

  8. matt says:

    that cab driver story is awesome!

  9. cappio says:

    Baudrillard on jogging:
    Nothing evokes the end of the world more than a man running straight ahead on a beach, swathed in the sounds of his walkman, cocooned in the solitary sacrifice of his energy, indifferent even to ctastophes since he expects destruction to come only as the fuit of his own efforts, from exhausting the energy of a body that has in his own eyes becomes useless.
    yeah, and no WAY is the “ideal” weight for a 5’10” man 110 lbs. call it 130-140. 110 lbs is unhealthy skinny.

  10. jck says:

    110 is not unhealthy. if its muscle, thats pretty much all you need. there’s people in other parts of the world who are much thinner than here and they do all sorts of physical activity. you might not be a hit on the beach, according to standards here, but you’re not likely to have heart disease, you won’t have diabetes, and you’ll be plenty strong
    the hajj does from mecca _to_ medina and not the other way around?

  11. jck says:

    btw i think you’re talking about what the call the hijra, which was a migration to medina. but the pigrimage is to mecca and not away from it
    from what little i know

  12. Will says:

    in NGE speak:
    allah moved from mecca (harlem [we’ll include all of manhattan here, though]) to medina [brooklyn].

  13. jck says:

    cool but thats not the hajj

  14. jck says:

    sorry to re-post, really like the new rule, but,
    you have a lot of factual errors in your post will. i’m not commenting on it as a joke though

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