his girl crystal, she’s shootin_star_99

alex procured paul wall’s “i got the internet goin nutz” just now, it is on this mixtape, ‘case you didn’t know.
[(i’d hook you up but my internet uploadin’ skills are broke. sorry if i’m not upholding my end of the social contract.)] modem intro, syncopated “info transfer sound” as bass, classic 808/(909? fuck) cowbell, and a bit of QWERTY keyboard typing on counterrhythm to affirm paul wall truly DOTH use the internet. the man, the chat, can thou deny? has any other rapper detailed the mundane physical action of the computer age thusly–“signing off the sidekick” etc?] also, our man, he’s talking about his cache of chicas, but in reality he embodies the weird science anthony michael hall. Paul Wall, concocting hot monique and crystal from the ether of binary. So wonderfully nerdy.
–speaking of binary, as a reminder i am a charter member of team bell hooks, and all about enlarging the range of the fucking rapatrons (nee: rappers) beyond the binding dual roles of sensitacho*–especially the rapatrons who get famous and reflect/set/reflect/set examples. let the thug/pimp binary inflate into a script where everyone feels comfortable with ad-libbing.** some day i will tell you about my theory that young jeezy is the apocalyptic end-point of all this, in the same way crtny love is the final icon of rocknroll&–
but not today. the head, it is aching.
living room danceparty dj’ed by a’s iTunes: baltimore club mix of “dora the explorer” theme song. “We played this at Scribble Jam because it says ‘grab your backpack.'”
also from the iTunes: my kinda heartbreak advice. (gotta shake it off!)
another of my favorite writers on my favorite teen heartthrobs “TOUCH” IS MY JAM, i do admit
see grizzly man now. i spent the first hour wondering whether it was an elaborate werner herzog mockumentary/stunt: the subject, a grizzly bear “preservationist” of sorts called timmy treadwell (r.i.p.) is so absurd as to have been conjured. i mean, werner compares the glaciers of the alaskan peninsula to the complex crevices within his subject’s fucking soul. you know?
* sensitacho = not a new addition to the taco bell menu, but the union of “sensitive + macho,” a term coined by jessica r. hopper
** i realize this would require a complete and utter upheaval/revolution in american society that would probably leave the now-standing channels of music distribution in ruins, but a girl’s gotta start somewhere.

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  1. JRHOPPER says:

    Actually, I got SENSITACHO from Mac MacCaughn’s wife, whose name I forget. We talked a lot of shit at a wedding in Chapel Hill a few weeks ago, she was telling me that if I thought my male friends and boyfriends and whomever’s late 20’s freak out was rough to watch, then stand back for 30+ — and “the baby scare years”, where yr male friends leave their 6-year relationships to drink to excess, start new bands and bang girls never older than 23. It was horrifying, but she used a lot of great slang, so it made it better.

  2. lisa says:

    and yet it’s worse. and true!

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