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i like onions fine, but boy do i loke jessica hopper

LOKING might be better than Loving, I think: the BOBW (best of both worlds). Jessica is a terrifically inspiring craft partner; almost exactly a year ago, we sat on Steven’s orange carpet in the old apartment and she helped construct … Continue reading

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sage vaughn is love. love is sage vaughn.

New York, you have until October 29 to see LA painter Sage Vaughn‘s gorgeous diaphonous landscapes and anthropomorphic gang paintings, in which a jagged estuary of bluejays, spotted owls, robins, hummingbirds perch on razorwire fences and telephone poles, their breasts … Continue reading

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two new lil kim tracks at (scroll down)–lyrics and beats, not so much, but wow does kim’s voice sound amazing and raw like the grimy end of a grate when she’s not fronting so untouchable/ uncrushable. pps. vh-1 hiphop … Continue reading

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“i ain’t gon’ comeback at you, i’m comin’ at yr ghostwriters”

“It is far more difficult to murder a phantom than a reality.” —Virginia Woolf, as quoted in the intro to Naomi Wolf’s The Beauty Myth Brian Bassett of Southern California took time out of his day working over at Blueprint … Continue reading

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(212) 688-6262

Hillary Clinton owes a good portion of her political success to the upswing in activist feminism after the Anita Hill testimony/Clarence Thomas hearings. So how can she still… STILL be on the fucking fence about john roberts? hillary was never … Continue reading

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it’s not fiction

Tomorrow’s the real deal fish scale: the fruits of my admittedly minimal amount of labor. Sorry about the lack of Prodigy, but 14-year-old me is pumped for this field trip nonetheless. Mission statement: after tomorrow, just below the photo of … Continue reading

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“not too sure if his heart is as big as his head”

Finally, some people got some damned sense around here. Or, to borrow their own term, “principles.” Aorta-sized daps to Ed Kennedy. Max Baucus wants you to give him a holler at 202.224.2651. New York, stand up! Also, maybe I don’t … Continue reading

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shit dude, travis called them “the rem of our generation”

I put the kibosh on their first album for being too “Built to Spill.” I still think I was right. It was Oregon in the ’90s, obviously, because Built to Apill was an abundant and acceptable reference point. In the … Continue reading

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“novice like the left side on my old control of my atari”

i’m just sketching and stringing. Crack scooped me on “hoes hoes hoes hoes hoes,” in form at least, but for punctuation’s sake: Last night, poor sloughed DJ Assault, live, absurdly talked along to his own tracks; into the mic: “broke. … Continue reading

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1 2 3 technology

walkie talkie If you’re anywhere near a borough, you already know the only way to get tix to the boost mobile rockcorps show w/Fat Joe, T.I., Young Jeezy et al is by volunteering four hours of your time to a … Continue reading

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