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walkie talkie
If you’re anywhere near a borough, you already know the only way to get tix to the boost mobile rockcorps show w/Fat Joe, T.I., Young Jeezy et al is by volunteering four hours of your time to a community project, preordained and relatively pain-free, such as: painting the interior of a school, contributing to a mural outside any a boys and girls club, or building a mosaic in a park. And if you’re in Brooklyn, you also know that wheatpasting every corner with Quark-constructivist posters of Fat Joe–all Menshevik’d out in camo hues like some street disciple of Trotsky–is a terrifically effective, if infinitely complicated, multi-objective marketing plan.
Masterminder Boost Mobile is, according to its “about” page, a “lifestyle-based youth brand” which “fuses youth aspiring sports, music, fashion and entertainment, enabling” us to “…acheive greater independence.” Active community wilkommen / ATL rap tracks notwithstanding, I’ve got empirical evidence re: the effectiveness of “enabling independence.” (Or, at least, more evidence than t-shirts of the popularity of Young Jeezy: yesterday my neighbor told me to name my new cat “The Snowman.”) It’s just that, every time i leave my house, from my front door to the end of the street, approximately four or five times I hear a lil tweet on the chirp (EL NEXTEL ACTUALE). Yeah, there’s a pay-to-play boost mobile booth in the bodega on the corner (ch*ching), but that shit beats out “Jamrock” for most-exhausted jingle on the block. I mean,
it is 3:26 am and i just heard it out my window, which faces a courtyard; they’re rocking it like an anthem on the fire escape across the way.
Everybody’s on the walkie talkie. It sounds prettier than pigeons at the least.
me: “yo, you know something that’s fucked up? you know that new tv show w/neil patrick harris? i saw a preview for it, and there’s this moment where neil exclaims i am totally putting that on my blog! and it is meant as a moment of zeitgeistical humor.”
chris: “i mean, when you think about it, doogie howser was the original blogger.”
cell phone
me: “wanna know something that’s real fucked up?”
ezra: “…..”
me: “ezra?”
ezra: “Oh, sorry, what? I wasn’t listening. I’m playing Hater Hurter on dj paul wall dot com… and evidently, I fell off.”
i love this song
it’s true, i love this song
yeah, i know it’s gonna end up in the file of “tracks with great choruses and shitty peedi crakk interludes that only I love, from albums that will only ever be available in the middle listening station in the elevator bank of def jam’s lobby… and the headphones are busted” two words NICOLE WRAY.
(“if i was your girlfriend”: i mean, the video is a little misguided, and as a result nicole is slightly lacking in energy–but how can you be mad at a track that’s all chorus, when the chorus is that?)

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  1. Good post. Just passing through, I’m liking the blog by the way.

  2. I have totally played Hater Hurter.
    Paul Wall totally knows how to code.

  3. To activate a boost mobile phone you need to be over 13. and becasue the i885 is fairly new, it’s still hard to get a hold of. You can try going to boostmobile.com to the store loactor to find a retailer near you.

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