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Hillary Clinton owes a good portion of her political success to the upswing in activist feminism after the Anita Hill testimony/Clarence Thomas hearings. So how can she still… STILL be on the fucking fence about john roberts? hillary was never entirely what we (idealist feminists) wanted her to be but lo, sign of the times, she keeps selling us out for the sake of her perceived political future–which, hate to say it my dear, but it ain’t happening, particularly if you keep leaning back into the money-dirty arms of the right and giving the rest of us the Reed dis*.
*(the reed dis, as defined by my former colleague and reed alumni katia dunn, is when a person is friendly to you in class, but outside campus is all “do i know you?” young jeezy style.)

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  1. el s says:

    ummm hillary cares about hillary. i will never – ever get the image that is burned into my brain out. that image is of the senate standing on the steps of capitol hill.. reciting the pledge of fucking allegiance and YELLLING the ‘under god’ part.. a couple of years ago. there’s hillary, right in the middle, yelling like a 3rd grader trying to.. umm yell about something.
    screw hillary (figuratively).

  2. ritchey says:

    yeah, it’s been really disappointing. I mean, obviously all politicians have to sell their souls in order to get to the top (i.e. we couldn’t have some bra-less long-haired strong-opinioned (i.e. shrill) non-cookie-making un-married unapologetic woman senator because they’d eat her alive), but that doesn’t make it any more palatable when it happens. Still, I’ll vote for her when she runs. She’ll certainly be a better option than whatever lunatic the republicans put up against her. If only for the fact that we all know she secretly doesn’t give a shit about “under god.”

  3. jck says:

    i think she’s doing what she needs to to be elected, in the end having a female president will be “good for america” and if it takes what hillary is doing to get there thats ok. she probably will sell out half a dozen issues, but given all that she’s still not bad

  4. rhoops says:

    i think jck makes a good point. . . besides, the way to sell her presidency to the mainstream male voter (because we all know that even though it’s the second millenium and all it’ll still be a significantly difficult and monumental task to elect a female president) is to keep reminding them that this would be an excellent opportunity, yet again, for Bill. He would be, after all, the first First Man. . . it makes me laugh just thinking about it, but seriously it might just make the half of the country that’s afraid to vote for a woman change their minds.

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