it’s not fiction

Tomorrow’s the real deal fish scale: the fruits of my admittedly minimal amount of labor. Sorry about the lack of Prodigy, but 14-year-old me is pumped for this field trip nonetheless. Mission statement: after tomorrow, just below the photo of the eagle soaring into the grand canyon, the “Successories” poster in my office will read: Danced with Ciara. Asked Common if he’s like, totally read bell hooks’ “the will to change: men masculinity and love,” and whether it influenced Be. (Why has no one done this? Jessica? Becky?) And, you know. Drank catered coffee with my cohorts.
I have a million more.

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3 Responses to it’s not fiction

  1. reel talk says:

    Jon=crack now VH1=fish scale? Is there something you want to share?

  2. julianne says:

    flagrantly quoting mobb deep to underscore my disappointment that there’s no queensbridge segment f. Prodigy on VH-1 hip-hop honors?

  3. chazz says:

    i bought that book the day you talked about it, still the only hardcover book i have which isn’t full of shit about music. i read it all in one sitting, almost two times over. i don’t think anything more i could write would better express what it meant to me, and what you introducing me to her work in general meant.
    i don’t know how comfortable she is on the shelf with all my music journalist beat off books, but point is i don’t know that i ever told you thank you.

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