i like onions fine, but boy do i loke jessica hopper

LOKING might be better than Loving, I think: the BOBW (best of both worlds).
Jessica is a terrifically inspiring craft partner; almost exactly a year ago, we sat on Steven’s orange carpet in the old apartment and she helped construct my infamously awesome “history of Queensbridge rap” diorama, the centerpiece of which featured photocopied cut-outs of Capone n Nore riding in a pintsize replica of a BMW SUV, purchased for four dollars from a dude on the street (he was clean out of Humvees). Jessica glued in some dirt for the ground and made bushes from green yarn; when she was finished, she modgepodged the whole of Steven’s ugly ceramic lamp with green glitter while I pasted busts of Nas and Roxanne Shante to the landscape. I gave the diorama away as a gift and the lamp didn’t survive the move, but it’s all about the process anyway, the labor of loke.
Just say it.
This reminds me of the story my roommate told me about the class she took with Susan Brownmiller, then- visiting professor at NYU, in which Brownmiller detailed traveling to Puerto Rico for an abortion pre-Roe v. Wade. Back in the states and broke, she hitchhiked and bled the whole way to New York, thinking she wouldn’t survive it.
Mmmm… good times.
Libby? Hahahaha can i get an indictment one time? Thanks.
Nonsense: The Federal Bureau of Prisons website presents the Philly FDC like it’s the Sheraton page on travelocity dot com, all luxury hotel, aglow in the twilight and “located in the historic district,” like they’re putting mints on pillows and taking inmates on trips to visit the Liberty Bell, like it’s a cupcake facility, not a concrete jungle.

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  1. that jessica is a nice lady.

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