future of angry snowman/”thaaaat’s right” unclear

Juelz Santana on Hot 97: “‘A! A! A! That slogan’s gettin real big. Everybody’s saying it. I’m gonna come out with the ‘A’ shirt real quick.”
Angie Martinez: “How do you spell that?”
Juelz: “it’s just an ‘A.'”
Angie: “Alright alright.”
Juelz: “Yeah, slogan’s gettin real big. I was down in Atlanta and Usher introduced me like that–he said this is my boy Juelz… ‘A’!”
Angie: “Well you were in Atlanta.”
Juelz: “I didn’t even think of it like that.”

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10 Responses to future of angry snowman/”thaaaat’s right” unclear

  1. Chris says:

    Incredible. If I ever see Juelz, I will give him a bear hug. And then he will call me a homo and probably fuck me up. BUT IT WILL BE WORTH IT.

  2. julianne says:

    i am happy to provide the proper spelling of ‘a,’ per ms. martinez, of course. engage yr aesthetic imagination–what will the angry snowman and the A look like, if they combine best of both hoods style?

  3. 8,9,3 says:

    There’s a strong chance that it will not look like: http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y146/893/snowmana.gif

  4. julianne says:

    dear stevie and 8,9,3: i am in love with you

  5. GT says:

    who the hell is Zack Morris

  6. 8,9,3 says:

    YAY! Julianne: I platonically love u 2!

  7. julianne says:

    AWESOME i promise to heart your artistic steez forever
    gt, zack morris is hardlyart.blogspot.com
    “kelly kapowski is back at the crib”

  8. Stevie says:

    One love and all that.

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