“Shaved Pussy; Loves Fugazi!”

was the original title, but in the same way Sonic Youth’s “goo” was initially titled “blowjob?” after a raymond pettibone piece, we knew it wouldn’t fly but had to try. context. alas, the suicide girls piece! coscribed w/ the honorable j.hopper. writing it was funtimes.

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  1. Hey, thanks for linking me, I just noticed it! Also, yr Suicide Girls take-down is so awesome–I feel like that really needed to be said but nobody was stepping up to do it.

  2. woll says:

    hopper & shep: thank you!

  3. dudes that piece is SO GOOD, and so important. there’s this incredibly frustrating dynamic right now in alt-journalism & indie criticism where it seems the WORST possible thing you can be called is a prude. thank you for being all honest and prophetic in the face of that shit

  4. james says:

    great article! “A soundtrack of awful new-school pop-punk, emo, and hip-hop accompanies these scenes…” its so incredibly distasteful… even if only from that regard. i was a photographer for a photo set in taiwan (SG- YiYi) that we sold to suicide girls, and i stayed on for a few months to check it out. granted, this is the first and only porn site i have been a member of, and at first i thought it was excusable since i was a photographer and it was a ‘alternative’ and ‘conscientious’ porn site. i had exchanged personal emails with missy and others, and it seemed to me to be very legit. but i was just fooling myself. it was porn… and i was paying for it. soon, i got the distinct impression that the journals/amazon wish-lists served more to fetishize (a word?) the ‘suicidegirls’, and offer them as a commodity that could be touched… rather then just looked at. the amazing thing was that it was masquerading as being a legitimizing factor.
    i also wonder how being popular on the site, might translate to falling easy prey to freaky people outside the site. identities aren’t really guarded, and the more you know and see of the person, the easier it is to find them. of course… im still not sure if that is just some crazy american fear i’ve been taught… but it seems to me that strippers/pornographic models keep their identity obscured for a reason.
    also… i was kind of insulted by the lack of decent contemporary taste on the site. it seems like its becoming a venue to promote bad local music at a national level. idunno. i really appreciated this article. i imagine it was fun to write. and wow! this spooky character? i had no idea! kudos!

  5. Cortney says:

    Thanks for doing that piece. I met with the founders of the site before it launched and was really put off by them. Almost all the women I know who’ve been involved with the site have either quit in disgust or brainwashed themselves into thinking it’s feminist and subversive.

  6. james says:

    the more i think about it, the more disturbed i am. how is it that a community, one with its own products, news, blogs, chat rooms, movies, music, and identity… in which the woman are public and very naked, and all the men are either anyomonous or at very least, not naked… be considered feminist? it seems like the polar opposite.
    if it was suicidegirls&boys… the nature of the site would be very different. but from what i have read today, even if that were to happen, it would still be fucked up. im happy to see though, that the only suicide girls i found intriquing and genuinely interesting… are the same ones that have quit in disgust and formed the anti-site. (i can’t remember the address… but im sure it isn’t hard to find. i think its on livejournal.)

  7. james says:

    ah… it was your article that had the link.. oops.

  8. e*rock says:

    I’m glad to hear someone else call bullshit on this.
    Not to mention, they mass markets this shitty porn site/empire as feminism to 13 year olds (Who else listens to that music?)

  9. Raju says:

    word up! tell it to the mountain. viva women’s liberation
    i really feel that until “we” (as in the male mindset that has power even in “progressive” circles) can find heroes who are women as easily as we idolize “che” and whichever other male hero we all admire, “we” have a long way to go
    as a concerned human (and man of color) i feel that i am waiting for the time to be led toward freedom by women who know the struggle and live it everday. not to be “taken care of”, or let women do the work, but because if we as human going to “get” there, “we” (as the male priviledged) should get out the of the way and stop getting in the way
    apologies for any old or future mistakes
    very good article on suicide girls

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