p.s. s.o.s.

i am looking for a Dominican ragga song, it is called “At chuhhh… (ya estoy cansàa)” and I think it is by Demprha, Elian and Burrell, and it is on here and I do not want to spend 19 euros plus int;l shipping, but will if i have to, and i do not have soulseek because i am a mac person, and i cannot find it on the interweb, and if anyone can help me find this i would greatly appreciate it, and your reward will be niceness and the fact that you will hear the song, it is terrific and wonderful and has a chorus of sneezes and oh! woes will be gone!

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  1. I don’t know the song, but there is a freeware Mac client for soulseek. It’s called SolarSeek, and you can find it at http://solarseek.sourceforge.net/.
    It’s worked fine for me, tho soulseek doesn’t have as good selections these days as it used to.

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