dr. and mrs. listmaking process

i lost the best-of lists i’d been compiling for 10 mos. in the great computer explosion of october 2005, RIP “bebe del cerebro.” In true OCD form, I recently tried to approximate them. I know I’m forgetting songs, and I dislike the hierarchal nature of yr-end lists, but can confidently say the first nine are the most important in RE: execution, pleasure, aesthetic whatevs-dot-gov / having great significance / emotional and physical impact in my wrld, if not in The World.
i am having a real problem choosing a number 10.
top ten albums ’05 coming soon.
1. “OH” Ciara f. Ludacris
2. “Go Crazy (Remix)” Young Jeezy, Jay-Z (“I SPRAY LLAMAS”), Fat Joe
3. “MJB da MVP (Hate it or Love it)” – Mary J. Blige
4. “Stay Fly” Three6mafia and the entire population of TN
5. “thought you had my back this time” keyshia cole
6. “for real” amel larrieaux
7. “george bush doesn’t care about black people” the legendary k.o.
8. “Stay” Ne-Yo f. Peedi
9. “Still Tippin’” slim thug paul wall mike jones
10. TIE:
“love” keyshia cole
“these words (i love you i love you)” natasha bedingfield
“put that pussy on me (diplo remix)” Spank Rock (money studies) [FUCK STICK?!]
“on the face of it” the evens
“come fly with me” foxy brown f. sizzla
“Check on Me’ destiny’s child (beyonce) + slim thug
“Tuerie” Diams feat. Jacky Brown !!!!!
“ziggurat traffic” the joggers
that one jadakiss freestyle where he’s like “my favorite crack spot/is protools on my laptop”
“grey goose” young jeezy DO I KNOW YOU? NO.
tracks 1-16 from jamie foxx’s “unpredictable”
“Random” Lady Sovereign (Menta original mix)
“georgia” ludacris field mobb
“wait the whisper song (Crut’s hush up mix)” ying yang twinz, also crut
“bucky done gone” MIA
“kilo” ghostface killah f. raekwon
“firestarter” lil wayne & THE prodigy
“wayne explains his deal” lil wayne
“is she the reason” destiny’s child
“get up on yr gangsta” teairra mari
“spirit ditties of no tone” / “SCREAM TEAM” deerhoof
“in love with a thug” sharissa & r kelly
“Amscaredica (the beautiful)”/ “can’t tell cop from cab” – the make believe
“untouchable” bossman
“revolution” new england roses
“Love in Fear” the constantines
“rhythm” street gangland rhythms band 4 (reissue)
“outta control” 50/mobb deep (htrz: was prodigy’s last best verse on “tick tock” by nas/prod/alchemist? pls engage)
“at chuhhh” unlocatable dominican ragga song on comp i cannot afford
“ligne de mire” la caution
“the fox”/”let’s call it love” sleater-kinney
“i’m black” styles p
“all i need” amerie (yes more than 1 thing–not being contrarian for the sake of contrarianism, it’s the bassline on the chorus that kills me)
common’s “go”/”faithful”/”love is” as bell hooksian song cycle
“j’donne ca” kery james
“tu pum pum” johnny prez
“catching feelings” faith evans
“chemical reaction” spooky dance band
“get set (run the road edition)” kano, ghetto, big seac, demon & doctor
“can’t hide from luv” mary j blige
paul wall “i got the internet goin nutz”
the paul wall / freeway “jernt of fire” i cannot remember its name
track one on the tarantula a.d. album
omarion “touch”
“shake it off” mariah carey
“ta-tu-tatay” paul kalkbrenner
“a good place (soft pink truth blow by blow mix)” grizzly bear
“whateva” remy martin
“arrete ta flute” rohff
“lighters up” lil kim
“get over you” faith evans
the “doing laundry” song, the “reclamative domesticity” song, the “i love my son so much i will explode” song, and the little brown jug song on kate bush’s “aerial”
“on & on”/ “joY” missy elliott (yes joy, i don give a fuh)
“so high” jaguar wright
“mercy mercy pudding pie” the teeth
“marianne” arsenik + booba
Randy B “candy man”
animal collective “did you see the words”/”loch raven”
Paul wall “sittin sidewZy”
“kryptonite” those purple ribbon dudes
“93 Hardcore” Tandem
“shottaz” cam, juelz, sizzla
when did “down and out” come out? kon/cam? fuck it, that heartbreak shit carried into ’05 “ponyskin louis? oh you fly, too/ yr a stewardess ma, i fly too”
“diamonds on my neck” smitty
“trap or die” young jeezinator
“2005 = shittiest year ever (hit it or quit it staff remix)” – helen hunt, gucci mane, goochie mane, ghostface, ghostface killah, joy bryant, valerie plame, lynne cheney, sandra day o’connor, southern states, pakistan, iraq, activists, the NBA, opera steve, pusha (as sponsored by lastnightsparties.com), privacy, avey tare, panda bear, geologist & deaken
“hustler’s ambition” 50 cent
“devil’s pie” – WHIG
“dance my pain away” – rod lee

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4 Responses to dr. and mrs. listmaking process

  1. Mark Burden says:

    hey, will you send me an email? I lost yr address….

  2. e*rock says:

    i think rod lee wins the #10 spot

  3. e*rock says:

    i think rod lee wins the #10 spot, wait v5 isn’t in the top #10 already?

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