kennedy vs. specter

I still think we’re gonna have a civil war, as Ted Kennedy just sonned Arlen Specter, then Arlen pulled this inane paternalist act: “Don’t tell me what I received in the mail.” Sorry, pops. Then Grassley makes a football analogy. No one has compared the proceedings to basketball to date, but I’m at least pulling for Feinstein to drop “gaslighting” sometime after the break.
Does anyone else think it’s rich that a posse of 200-year-old conservative Southern white men are lauding Alito’s fair treatment of women and people of colour?

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  1. mo says:

    it’s frustrating because they are all such blowhards. Ted Kennedy’s head is literally huge. and ruddy. i want all the demos to get miffed and walk out, now THAT would be exciting.
    currently i’m watching this inane musical comedy that is supposed to be breakfast at tiffanys for the hipster elite–you know the ones who have gynormous lofts off the morgan stop. this is a low point in politics and art for me–something’s gotta give!

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