gangsters wear sandals.. HELLO!?!?

Kanye West on that one Common track off Be: “God don’t ever give me nothing I can’t handle/ So please don’t ever give me records I can’t sample/ So I can vaca where there ain’t no channels/ it’s quite okay for a gangster to wear sandals.”

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4 Responses to gangsters wear sandals.. HELLO!?!?

  1. becks says:

    well…he IS somewhere in between the church and insane asylum…

  2. Steve Schroeder says:

    Cam while being sometimes likable and somewhat entertaining is really in over his head. His rapping is a bore!
    Juelz is all dipset has going for it these days.

  3. Steve Schroeder says:

    julianne, i would be very interested in what you had to say about the appeal of dipset. it seems like such a NYC based thing. so regional. maybe this is me just pushing regional limits onto something that i’m not all the way feeling.

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