Tomorrow is thursday nite and i have just been alerted: Cosmo Baker is spinning NEW JACK Swing/’90s r&B… WHA…. at *Movida* in the West Village… which is decorated like an ’80s cruise ship, unironically, railings and mirrors spitshined, everywhere you look is either a painted-on palm tree, or your own reflection, in glossy x900 dpi. Al B. Sure wrote songs specifically for this club. Seriously, look in the liner notes of the “ooh this love is so” limited edition maxi-single flexidisc (croatian version), it says :”for movida.” Email if you wanna
meet up, oh, p.s. IT IS FREE!
ALSO, finally the Rub dudes are returning w/dj a-trak (“kanye west’s dj” as the pr bonerz alert) to southpaw, bklyn five mere blks from chez shep, on Feb 4, after-/pre-party at my place, and as an added bonus MAJOR HOMIE, the crispiest BEN “TUESDAY” FASMAN shall have flown in from chi-boogie to grace us with his extraordinarily fly presence. miss it and yr dead.

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  1. Jenn Lindsay says:

    Hey Julianne–I have a question for ya but I can’t find your email on the main page. Rather than clutter your comments section I’ll hope you’ll drop me a lil line from your e-address.

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