email tax

dudes, go here right now and just sign yr name and click, cuz companies are starting to charge for the internet, and once the floodgates are opened…. ?

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  1. ezra says:

    I think AOL is shooting itself in the foot. Maybe I’m wrong, but rising demand for computers and the internet as the technology becomes cheaper, combined with the new free e-mail providers will drive customers away from AOL without any other outside forces. How will customers feel when they learn their inboxes are being auctioned off?
    Also, JS, I’m confused by your wording. Companies do charge for the internet. But I do agree with the last sentiment. Those floodgates need massive iron walls supporting them…like constitutional amendment type walls.
    Amendment 28:
    Section 1: The internet shall be a free resource available to all American citizens, bitches.
    we can work out the language later.

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