josh kun epic tale alert

Even though he thinks I am anti-Semitic for loving Ryan over Cohen (it is only because we are both troubled, working-class geniuses who overcame our predestiny of pregnancy and the pokey), Josh Kun is probably in my Top Three of “fave people living in Los Angeles (non-blood relative division).” He’s also one of my favorite writers. And he wrote this AMAZING piece in LA Weekly about the elusive, corrupt mayor of Tijuana, an endangered animal-trafficker and alleged int’l drug don, plus an impressively broad purview of the specific political climate of that city, and the ecological disaster that is Baja, among other things I didn’t know so much about before. AWESOME. GO READ NOW

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  1. dr. hason says:

    i always think of ryan as a time traveller from 1989, whereas seth seems of today. like he got lost walking around on the set of 90210 and wandered into tha OC.

  2. mo says:

    watching the OC should be a reality show. what relationships arise among those confined to a room with only the first season and eachother????

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