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AHHHHH! thank you to tara henley at XXL mag for taking the time to iterate the women-as-music (hip-hop)-nerd lifestyle dilemma with: ” the top 5 reasons that female hip-hop heads are a rare breed. (Alternately, this list can be read … Continue reading

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pirates and emperors

an edifying and enlightening musical cartoon about american politics–FUN FOR ALL AGES!

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mucho gusto senor

Also, Nelly Furtado’s “No Hay Igual (club mix)” is the bangingest of holy effitude. Timbo and polyrhythms are my boyfriends

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hot hot summer in hell: A VERY RAMBLING ROSE

Most importantly: “Save the Internet” Editor’s NotE: Cosmo Baker, GLORIOUS RUB DJ and the don of our neighborhood, wears sunglasses in the daytime while grocery shopping at the supermarket. I am unsurprised, yet impressed nevertheless. Ghostface.You probably already know it, … Continue reading

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holy snapitude

Today I got to hang out w/ Nathan and Beth, pals from back in the portland, the former of whom used to dj crazy danceparties circa 2003 “too crunk to fuck” so sez N–the latter of whom used to get … Continue reading

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“Even Noel?” “Yes, even Noel.”

The Honorable Ms. Cristina Veran on tonight’s FREESTYLE CONCERT!?! at MSG…: “the Latino music boom that pre- dated America livin’ la vida loca to da riddims of reggaetón,” word to Lisa Lisa y Gerardo alike. If what they’re saying is … Continue reading

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Let’s Impeach the President

“The titles on [Neil Young’s new] album include “Let’s Impeach the President,” which features Mr. Bush’s voice overlaid above a 100-voice choir singing, “Flip flop.” ITALICS MINE! Related: SWEET, SWEET MUSIC

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hoping you draft the emo dude (for ezra’s sake)

Pooooortlaaaandia! I am wearing my Bonzi Wells “6” Blazers t-shirt today and thinking of you! (for old time’s sake, here’s a link to my “RHYMING POEM” when Le Bonz got Le Trade, generously guestposted by Chauncey Billups. Those were the … Continue reading

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bring it on/what the fuh

back in portland i always thought about taking a boxing class with katie, even though her boxing teacher sexually harrassed her and totally like, put his hand down the back of her tank top while spotting her w/crunches or something … Continue reading

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