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essential listening

Farai Chideya’s Roundtable with Duke professor Mark Anthony Neal, Karrine Steffans (Confessions of a Video Vixem) and MTV’s Shaheem Reid, on negative images of women in hip-hop IRT Duke Rape case. I’ve heard a lot of convos/roundtables on this topic … Continue reading

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remember when duns were young

You might not’ve been able to tell it here, but “Tick Tock” was my jam for all of second-half ’04. Perhaps the last classic Prodigy verse, wherein Our Top Dun turns to the streets of his memory and spits how … Continue reading

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robin rosenberg, you are funny

Half & Half is the best tiny comfort food diner in PDX, and Robin Rosenberg runs it. She has recently started blogging about it on Urban Honking. Please read the linked entry regarding quips traded with a customer named Dennis. … Continue reading

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When I lived in Portland, and every fifth band dude approached me on the street to inform me that I knew less about music than he did, or that my writing, opinions, and/or lifestyle choices “sucked shit,” I always wagered … Continue reading

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Cuz we started watching season three (thank you bittorrent, thank you Nicety Nels), I’ve been doing a little more RE-SEARCH, and discovered Michael K. Williams is a man of my own heart: “I was very content with dancing. My dream … Continue reading

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OMFG ?uest

Man… I wanna give this dude a hug now. I really dug “BLack Betty” and a whole buncha other tracks, too. You are impeccable musicians. I am sorry Dave Chappelle is crazy. [thanks to Alex Pappademas for the link]

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I went to this show with nick and all we got was this lousy guitar solo

My sentiments exactly. It was also fun sending taunting texts to said eye-rolling rap crits across the way, i.e.: “WHAT, YOU DON’T LOVE HIP-HOP?” and/or “WARM IT UP! MAKE IT HAPPEN!” during that 25 minute guitar solo. JAMMING! or as … Continue reading

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tambourines, mais oui

If I had been thinking, I would have asked P-Murder to play my birthday. Fortunately, they are playing Twee Zone on the 20th, which is where I’ll be with my crew after the morning jog, the DJ-related beer garden in … Continue reading

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fuck jadakiss for being on paris hilton’s album. actually, fuck the senate instead or more.

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that which cannot be filled

Today is the second day I have been 30. I canceled work and therapy and wandered around outside alone, which is the activity I have spent the most total time doing since I moved to New York. Water’s great gift … Continue reading

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