OMFG ?uest

Man… I wanna give this dude a hug now.
I really dug “BLack Betty” and a whole buncha other tracks, too.
You are impeccable musicians.
I am sorry Dave Chappelle is crazy.
[thanks to Alex Pappademas for the link]

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3 Responses to OMFG ?uest

  1. Steve Schroeder says:

    Dave Chappelle was supposed to be one of the surprises?
    It doesn’t seem like he woulda “saved” the rap show.
    I like Dave, though.
    I wanna see a flake list.

  2. SHEPINATOR says:

    i was gunning for elliot spitzer but alas
    one thing is for sure, ye old spitz is gonna have to step up his appearance game if he intends to be guv’ner of this here city-state

  3. Mo says:

    i love eliot spitzer. he seems like the human personification of my favorite line from legally blonde: “do you know what subject matter jurisdiction is? I didn’t think so!”

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