divas sticking with commoners

Mary J Blige marries Kendu and we get “All My Love.” Xtina marries Jordan and we get “Ain’t No Other Man.” ‘
Beyonce and Jay-Z’s self-obsessed and sexee summer dud “Deja Vu”? The Phantom Menace. As long as the tie-in Taco Bell goblets look cool, the buyer believes in the blockbuster. Heard it in the club last night and it didn’t register, even with Soho Bape hipsters in neon windbreakers and dookie rope chains, or the three twee boys gesticulating in air and screaming the chorus to “What U Know” like they, themselves, were Jacob’s boys.
I fear I am boring you, like a ringtone you can’t delete.

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3 Responses to divas sticking with commoners

  1. ritchey says:

    more like a ringtone that makes me wish people would call me more often, so I could hear that badass ringtone some more!

  2. los anjalis says:

    Erykah (a diva who doesn’t call herself a diva) and Common. they make everything else alright when they make music together.

  3. yuck says:

    Sounds like an awful club.

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