I forgot about how much I love Peter Murphy’s cavernous singing ’til I saw this video of TVOTR, Peter Murphy, and Trent Reznor doing “Dreams” to eight of the luckiest chumps in DC, sent via Joey with the appropriate jizzthusiasm. (Jazzthusiasm?) His voice flings knives, and p.s. here’s another context for the one working band that can believably assert, “I don’t know… I listen to everything.”
Here’s Reznor and TVOTR accompanying Murphy’s “Final Solution” and doing Bauhaus’ 37-minute club epic Bela Lugosi’s Dead
IF YOU ARE SLEEPING, DO NOT SLEEP: Murphy’s only song *not* about cutting
On this tip, YouTube has no Jarboe live footage, but here is another song *not* about cutting
song *definitely* about cutting. Jarboe looks like Courtney Love, Debbie Harry, Mink Stole, Marianne Faithfull and David Bowie simultaneously.

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  1. mo says:

    Mink Stole plays the secretary Merna in MTV’s spyder games, truly Their Finest Hour (mtv).

  2. i says:

    i found that rendition of dreams to be horrible. everyone sounded off pitch and tuneless

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