pauvre zidane

my opinion on “digital art” is that if it is heartless, gestural and nostalgic it is wack (as are most things embodying the preceding traits). But like, this shit on the world cup, it is enjoyable for today.
ALMOST MAKES UP FOR THE FACT THAT PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN II HAS ZERO ARC! IT IS LIKE READING CHAPTERS 7-12 in a 16 chapter book — its end is the beginning of the third film! And while I could watch Johnny Depp swishily buckling swashes every second of my life, such a lovely gothic pirate queen is he — and while I am no enemy of experimental film — I really require my $137 million-grossing summer blockbusters to approach something involving “conflict resolution” on or near the end credits.

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2 Responses to pauvre zidane

  1. Paz says:

    Zidane broke my little heart. A kid needs a hero!

  2. jo mohnston says:

    “charybdis sucks!” and so does the cracken(sp?), and keira knightkleys soupbowl torso. (ouch!) today will be my third viewing.

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