pdx here i come

oh robin rosenberg, your sentences as transcendant as your granola. you have to trust the cooking of a woman who notices nuance such as this:
Donut Man then offered us some fresh donuts, still warm, Krispy Kreme style. Let me tell you. This warm raised glazed donut was sublime, and like a great wine or cheese, it actually had notes: a yeasty, brioche tone followed by the county-fair fritter nuttiness, ending with a hint of lemon blossom and cotton candy as you licked the glaze off your fingers.
food editors? hire her?
as an aside, i shall be visiting portland, oregon in the second week of august. I fully expect to enjoy all the dance parties your fair city has to offer — if you know the hot rock aug 10-15, get in touch. no debauchery, haters, dancefloor-parkers, etc. And no bad hats.

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  1. chazz madrigal says:

    holy fuck. look for me in my my little slice of dive bar heaven and i will help you recover the previous evenings dance action with my all 45 deep soul juke and some serious chiliquilas.
    609 1/2 se taylor homie.

  2. dr. hason says:

    come to my studio and pick up the little packet that has been languishing for months with your name on it!

  3. robin says:

    Oh Julianne, will you record personal messages of encouragement so I can download them on my ipod? I will be flying back from NE on Aug 10, so I’ll look forward to making you lunch at some point in your visit.

  4. Lizzie says:

    Yikes! Does this mean you could go to the last Sleater-Kinney show on Aug. 11?!?! If so, please offer details via Cowboyz! Hot rock indeed.

  5. Lizzie says:

    Yikes! Does this mean you could go to the last Sleater-Kinney show on Aug. 11?!?! If so, please offer post-show details via Cowboyz! Hot rock indeed.

  6. DjBrokenwindow says:

    Will you be in PDX by Aug 5th…? You could catch the EGYPTIAN LOVER show at the holo!!!
    – very old school WEST COAST hip hop / electro!

  7. Glad to hear you’re coming to town. You are in luck. The Atlas crew will be rocking Holocene Saturday, August 12th. E3 just got back from France with a bunch of French-African hip-hop, dub, drum’n’bass, you name it and he is itchin’ to play.

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