Smart Tara Henley at XXL writes a concise, right-on post about the problems with Ben McGrath’s Hot 97 piece in the New Yorker, and I will say it again: Sasha has proven you can write about hip-hop for the New Yorker’s perceived high-falootin’ audience without condescending to either your subjects or your audience. Thanks again to Smart Tara Henley, one of three or four reasons XXLmag.com/blogs is fast becoming the only essential rap-stop in the webiverse. (There would be five reasons if Elliott Wilson would actually write something.)
One of my dance teachers wrote a book. Respect to her — she’s an awesome choreographer — but I am not exactly feeling the premise: making yrself feel good for someone else is a bad look and a trap. That said, I am vehemently “pro” on self-help, and while the frame is sticky (and making every man want me isn’t very appealing) the summary doesn’t seem overly reductive. I am, however, inclined to purchase her video, and considering a tattoo which reads, “CARDIO DANCE BLAST.”

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  1. Matos W.K. says:

    All of Henley’s complaints boil down to a critique of TNY’s style guide and hold little water when it comes down to the actual writing itself.

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