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me as a denizen of crazy townshippe

I spent yesterday at the VMAs’ forum at Radio City Music Hall, aka Atlanta Outpost, where Piotr & I interviewed literally 42 people in six hours: the pop-journalistic equivalent of speed-dating. I was running on no food, six or eight … Continue reading

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NOLA a year later/ juvenile interview

Read this. Urge ran my Juvenile interview today, reprinted below for the Mac-having. Juvenile’s New Orleans, Then and Now by Julianne Shepherd New Orleans is a storied music city, best known for its jazz, R&B, zydeco and brass bands. But … Continue reading

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doin four-fifth in the whippington

i love the first half of the officially official video for “chicken noodle soup” ’cause kids, dancing, high school gymnasiums, young b’s girl-next-door poise, a tennis ensemble and — is that a yorkie?

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exploding like the sun/a flash of clean white hope

my sleater-kinney farewell on la horca. “if i’m to run the future, you’ve got to let the old world go!” so sez Corin Tucker. They know life cycle. Still, One Beat is my favorite right now.

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“I don’t know why I like you… I just do”

Whitney Houston’s “So Emotional” : “proto snap” really perfect lyrics for Osama bin Laden’s purported Whitney fetish. Ain’t it shocking what – uh – love can do?

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quiddity (my own and others)

“Where has she got off to?” you might be wondering, and I would have several answers. Being alone is the first, and feeling right in the solitude. Reading the essentials: This, and This, and This. (In an interview I did … Continue reading

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D-Shep: Are You For Or Against Us?

Nick has alerted me to the existence of a Miami rapper by the name of D-Shep, whose single, “Stay Real,” is available now. Protective of my name, I predicted a problem, but his music convinced me we should leave it … Continue reading

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one mind of many minds

Not eaten by voracious VMAs, my bouncing soul gets vh-1 dot commed. my best portland booty, besides stumptown coffee and higher taste vegetarian sandwiches of heaven: Swan Island and, more specifically, their song Crumble, which haunts and slices, and promises … Continue reading

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A cowboy-themed strip club called “the outlaw” advertised “live hot girls” and country music on the third floor, and even though Naughty by Nature’s “OPP” floated from the windows above, the sleazy foil flash of cheap dance lights twinkled, signifying … Continue reading

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advisory committee

if you are going to fly in a commercial airplane in the united states, it is a good idea not to do it the day an alleged band of terrorists planned to blow up planes with liquid explosives. If you … Continue reading

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