advisory committee

if you are going to fly in a commercial airplane in the united states, it is a good idea not to do it the day an alleged band of terrorists planned to blow up planes with liquid explosives. If you do, it is a good idea not to pack your beloved lipgloss pot in your purse, unless you are prepared to argue with a security agent who apparently doesn’t know the difference between plutonium and Nars.
portland feels like a weekend spa getaway. chantelle’s house lords above from a mountainside, ceiling-to-floor glass doors at eye level with the city’s modest cluster of skyscrapers, and everything is silent, even, easy, but for car noise lifting up from the freeway like zen din.
I have been to a loft warehouse space that is begging for a Times style page feature. “Quirky young designers in shabby chic tech space” and whatnot.
gus van sant is advertising for skaters 15-30 to vamp as extras in his new movie, Paranoia Park. Teen skater-meth docudrama? Gator biopic?

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  1. robin says:

    At least you made it to your destination! After 10 hours at Laguardia yesterday, I am still in NY and hoping (praying) I get somewhere west of the rockies today. Just so I can serve you some granola.

  2. louis the fish says:

    Paranoid Park is a book by Blake Nelson (the source material for the movie, probably..). It’s also the unofficial name for a park at about 8th & Stark (?) downtown. See the bit from the author’s site below:
    “JUNE UPDATE (June 9)
    Things proceeding smoothly in Blake Nelson land this month. Got some great national reviews for PROM ANONYMOUS which I will post at some point. Working now on getting all the publicity ducks in a row for PARANOID PARK, coming out in September. If you’ve ever lived in Portland, you know that PARANOID PARK is a real place, though in my book it is the name I give to the Burnside Skate park. In reality it is a tiny cement square in downtown Portland where assorted undesirables hang out.”

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