one mind of many minds

Not eaten by voracious VMAs, my bouncing soul gets vh-1 dot commed.
my best portland booty, besides stumptown coffee and higher taste vegetarian sandwiches of heaven: Swan Island and, more specifically, their song Crumble, which haunts and slices, and promises end: “there are cities made of cardboard, cities made of diamonds, all will be revealed.” i’m pretty sure the shredder pedal never before accompanied meditations on fallen empire, that is unless Sisters of Mercy were talking about America ever, but that’s their thing on this song, they smart up the brittle guitars, or react to the inevitable, and Brisa Gonzalez has a voice like a ghost in a rainstorm. I am going to see them at tweezone in manhattan on september 15, if anyone wants to go (tweezone being my special name for cakeshop)

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2 Responses to one mind of many minds

  1. Matt Wright says:

    Glad you’re digging the CD, Julianne! They’re pretty amazing aren’t they? Nice to see you as well. This message reads too much like a Hallmark card, or a myspace comment, but yes.

  2. ritchey says:

    when I first read that your favorite portland thing was “Swan Island,” I at first thought you meant the actual island. I was like, “You mean where UPS is??”

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