Everybody needs some kinda bump to cope.

Chan Marshall of Cat Power on how Mary J Blige and Oprah got her through rehab. “I never really noticed [my audiences] liked me before,” she notes, stamping out her cig. “I was so enwounded with self-hatred and self-denial and just, uhhhh. I never knew people were coming to see me, play, before.”

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  1. anjali says:

    Yes! I saw that video too! My jaw dropped when she said that. I mean, i’ve got a certain amount of self-hatred and self-denial in me too, but to hear a powerful, beautiful singer with tons of fans say that, and say that she was drunk or high every time she went on stage, was… perspective. I can’t imagine the kind of clarity she has now. Would have loved to see her at her first performance post-rehab.

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