sometimes the game gets kilt on a pc

i know, i know., currently seen only on Windows Media, is unavailable to all New Yorkers because nobody in New York uses PCs, so the myth goes — as the New Yorker put it this week, “if you have a Windows PC instead of an Apple you have to make up an excuse to your friends — for example, that your school requires it.” *
Non windows-having dance fans will be pained to know that today my employer, Urge, has resumed seriously killing the game by posting an EXCLUSIVE! EXCLUSIVE! Basement Jaxx DJ set for “our new Digital Decks exclusive DJ series,” as Brian Beck put it, Brian being my dance-music-nerd friend and the guy who arranges for such things to happen because he is like BFF with everyone who ever touched an 808 or a 909 or some shit. He also sez “The mix is honestly one of the best mixes we’ve heard from them — a blend of their signature house-pop sound along with underground hits of the moment.” NERD TOWNE
In other Nerd Towne news:
Piotr: “Did you really like that Georgia Anne Muldrow album? I wasn’t feeling it.”
Me: “Yeah, but I also have an affinity for late-’60s/early-’70s psychedelic Brazilian jazz.”
Chris, disdainfully: “That’s the kind of thing that, if you went to apt and said aloud, you’d get involuntarily wifed.”
*CORRECTION: The quote is not, in fact, something the New Yorker said in the formal definition of “said.” In fact, a New Yorker writer, Patricia Marx, was quoting a high school student named Alex Traub. Marx and Traub were shopping at the Apple store for Marx’s piece on socially acceptable school supplies. It was not the New Yorker but the subject, Alex Traub, who thinks PCs are embarrassing. Cowboyz ‘n’ Poodles regrets the error. (See comment section.)

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2 Responses to sometimes the game gets kilt on a pc

  1. louis says:

    hmmmmmm…neither the New Yorker editorial staff, nor one of the magazine’s writers, used the phrasing you quote.
    It was a student of high school age (perhaps younger?–can’t quite remember) who was interviewed for the piece.
    I know that sounds persnickety, but the difference is actually important.

  2. moreenie says:

    was it really necessary to link to apt?

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