I am moving to Spain

Here are some of the reasons why.
I used to think it was more noble and important to stay here and try to change it, but now it seems like the best way to go is refuse to participate in it. To, simply, get out. Leave the dismantling warmongers to destroy themselves without my taxes or my brain power.
(i am trying to find the democrats who voted yes on S 3930, as well — anyone got a link?)

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9 Responses to I am moving to Spain

  1. Steve Schroeder says:

    are you really?

  2. Peedi Mac says:

    Ehh, they throw bananas at black soccer players in Spain, mi hermana. Shit ain’t all sangria, nahmean?
    Just move to California.

  3. love_forever says:

    DO IT! Yeah!
    Move to La Rioja!

  4. jshep says:

    yes i’m moving, no i’m not moving tomorrow. i’m thinking i might have to stay for the election. so early 2009. hopefully bi-continental before then.

  5. I’ve been to Spain twice: to Madrid and in a northern region called Gijon. Had a blast both times even though my Spanish is relegated to menu translating. Madrid was very much like New York or any East Coast US city in good ways. Gijon reminded me of Seattle, climate-wise. I also got more positive and non-skeevy male attention there than my entire life in the U.S. My ex boyfriend met his future wife there!

  6. Kate says:

    Word. I’m still down! Remember how when I moved to Portland, I was all fresh-from-traveling and all about the positivity? And then 9/11 happened and I was like, “Okay, I’m gonna go.” Then, people convinced me to stay and help execute change. After the next election botched all crazy-style, I realized that I didn’t have to execute change, that someone had already beaten me to the punch and took change out in back of the shed and capped it in the forehead. And I was all “FUCK IT, I’M MOVING TO HOLLAND!” But then I went to Holland and I was like, Oh shit, it’s fucked in Europe, too. So… I moved to LA, where everything is OBVIOUSLY fucked, but at least I have a nice cushion of liberal to surround myself with.
    Anyway, the point is: I’m not breeding.
    And I miss you.

  7. solenoid says:

    i will tell philip s. you are moving to espania.
    maybe you’re already in touch w/him.
    he is in pdx right now, dj’ing my arcade monthly jam nite with erock this thurs. you can meet him back in spain after his retreat to the cascadian forest of his roots is done.
    btw, ms jes, your writing is far less cryptic these days. some moons ago i stopped reading your blog because your words sort of morphed into a kind of pop-culture-encryption i couldn’t understand.
    now, i’m starting to be able to follow you again.

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