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myspace pon lock

“From the hood to MySpace, you can find the one and only Drama King DJ Kay Slay, and he’s letting everybody know who’s got them both on lock with this latest mixtape.”

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Flea’s new NBA Blog (yes, that is Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea) reads like a teenager’s internet prose-poem/ IM conversation. Is he totally biting my style? Will I have to fight him to retrieve my stee? Film at fucking … Continue reading

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Harsh Game for the People

Terrence Scott, aka Jus Family Records mastermind / numero uno everything Cool Nutz, is running for Northeast Portland (even though he is already The Mayor). If I still lived there, I would definitely write him in.

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the point of no return

Chris has allowed me to borrow Forever Freestyle, a two-disc compilation of freestyle classics and, by his account, “the only comp I ever felt compelled to purchase off a television commercial.” Made by the same company that perhaps erroneously titled … Continue reading

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Maybe if this asshole’s dad hadn’t set up that human-rights/economy-decimating NAFTA crap so many people wouldn’t be trying to leave their country –their home, their families — to earn a living wage? Okay, that’s only one aspect of a complex … Continue reading

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party 2 go: the movement

I am presently enjoying Tag Team’s “get nasty,” a song about dance-freaking with a dirty live bassline and, possibly, a beeper sample (1993 we are loving you). While Tag Team are no A-Town Players, they have been underrated since “Whoomp … Continue reading

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a better mouse trap

Need advice on effective mouse traps. Don’t say “get a cat” — we had one before and, as previously reported, it escaped our apparently oppressive regime. Would like an effective trap that does not involve touching or looking at said … Continue reading

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here are some pics from VMA interview day, back in August, wherein Piotr and I interviewed 48 people in six hours — including two cast members of Fashion House, which had not yet aired, so our questions were like, “Uh, … Continue reading

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This may have some impact.

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Because I remember 4th quarter 2005 better than I’d like, it’s time to bring back the “spam as random-language generator” meme with some choice cuts from the inbox. Today I received spam from “Daphne Butts,” subject line “He is clarity”; … Continue reading

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