party 2 go: the movement

I am presently enjoying Tag Team’s “get nasty,” a song about dance-freaking with a dirty live bassline and, possibly, a beeper sample (1993 we are loving you). While Tag Team are no A-Town Players, they have been underrated since “Whoomp (There It Is)” became the flagship song for three-pointers– a group more commonly associated with Washington’s fluffy G-Wiz than Atlanta’s flourishing booty scene. But they had some real live jams — “Bobyahead,” “You Go Girl,” “Kick da Flow” etc — and as head of the Tag Team Preservation Society, I’m here to deliver my annual reminder: Do not relegate our friends DC and Steve Roll’n to the jock jams graveyard. Please, revisit your Whoomp (There It Is) long player.

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  1. b says:

    granted ive never listened to either of their full albums, but i would be remiss if i didnt say 95 SOUTH ALL DAY! whoot

  2. djbrokenwindow says:

    don’t forget that Tag Team also did a version of their song for Disney (on a Disney-owned music label, tho it IS on VINYL 12″ (got it!)) It is Whoomp with Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, etc very clean and having a party etc. In a crowded club, though, you can’t tell it isn’t the original cuz it has excellent production and big compressed 808 just like the original. Miami bass for kids!

  3. party king says:

    I like effen lifestyle. Work hard, party hard – vip all the way to a-list nightclub

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