Mizz Face Wrecker: the Birth

I am currently listening to DJ Cameo’s most recent UK garage show on Radio 1xtra, where the typical playlist is way more grimier (no pun) than any music I have ever heard in my life, perhaps barring modern British dubstep (which sounds like drowning in 2094). And I decided that if I were a grime MC my name would be Mizz Face Wrecker. In fact if I am ever in London please only refer to me as that.
Right now I’m psychically melting over this song “Different World” by 3face, Wretch 32, NJ, Nolay, Scorcher, and Tinchy Stryder. It is produced by Black Jack, who is apparently running the beats game in UK grime; for this song, he has sampled the Four Tops’ “A Different World” and severed it with sub-bass. Oh shit then there is the Gully Gang’s “He’s Back (f. Ribz and Flirta D)” which is fucking crazytowne EU and makes half these fake US gangstas sound like the popsicle man in the bolo tie at Disney World’s Main Street. These dudes are rapping “IM HUNGRY AND I JUST ATE” over some like wild fiddler, clockwork orange street beat. = FANGS.
Why don’t I listen to this stuff more often?! WHY?!?!

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  1. Kid l says:

    yeah man
    check the original remix of the four tops this kid is not bad

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