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Considering I always listen to “Survivor” as inspiration during my long hours of playing Neverwinter Nights 2, the creation of this Destiny’s Child game is so no doy. And yet the description — “‘Destiny’s Child Groove’ will take the form of a back-and-forth dance battle in which users compete against A.I. characters” — sounds both terrifying and amazing, especially after me and Brendan killed that live action “Police 911” joint (aka “The Keisatsukan Shinjuku 24ji“), which actually tracks you with sensors as you duck and shoot.
But A.I. opponents? This is all becoming a little bit too reality-based. And yet I’m strangely intrigued… Is my dancefloor game fierce enough to beat an IMMORTAL FOE?!

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  1. bfred says:

    they should have a level where they play “cater 2 u” and the object is to see who can give their man the best footrub.

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