RE: it’sM’boy, Wilmer

According to The Fader:
Top Six Ghetto Pass Applicants of 2006
6. Gwen Stefani*
5. Nelly Furtado
4. Wilmer Valderamma
3. Fergie
2. Bow Wow*
1. JR Rotem
*Continuation of a multi-year process, a la Justin Timberlake

Um, how is wasted grinding and Jaeger shots at corny bridge-and-tunnel clubs in Midtown an application for a ghetto pass? I mean really?
Otherwise, great list, darlings. Divine. Just don’t fuck wit ma juvie, si?

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6 Responses to RE: it’sM’boy, Wilmer

  1. Wilder Valmerrama, creator of MTV’s “Yo Momma.”

  2. mo says:

    the trouble with the fader is best expressed by the following sentence:
    Its a wise dog that scratches it’s own fleas.

  3. jshep says:

    How is HOSTING AN IMPROV COMEDY SHOW applying for a ghetto pass? (If we are accepting the freestyle street battle scenario as ruse to connect with show’s perceived audience.)

  4. ramona says:

    the fader should talk since it’s existence is one long ghetto pass- as are most “hipster/alt whatever mags- spare me kids who just got on board
    and while nelly f’s make over is dramatic she was working with missy and timbaland at least 4 years ago-

  5. l says:

    I have ghetto passes available, for a small fee, please paypal your trust fund money to me and you can hang with all the black people you want. I can even throw in a The Wire inspired B-More weekend get-a-way with Omar as you guide!

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